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The cycle of waves...

September 03, 20223 min read

February 27, 2021

…crashing upon the shore.



To be something more.

The water, it soaks

into the sand beneath

but only to return to the ocean.

to the beat.

of waves crashing upon the shore.


Over and over the cycle continues.

Like the emotions of our souls



only wanting to be seen.

Only wanting more.

Trying to take hold of the solid foundation beneath our feet

only to sink through the fingers of those

we wish would see

us suffering on our knees.

but their eyes are closed

they cannot hear

their hearts are hardened to the stories of our fear



only wanting to be held.

To stand on solid ground.

No more pounding

no more crashing

through the pain of long ago.

When our childhood needs unmet

left us broken

left us cold.

to the world swirling around us

like the ocean in a storm.

Our souls cry for love…

a longing we’ve long ignored.

Our egos reach out in greed.

for connection

to be seen.

Waiting for another

to come and fill our need.

But the cycle never ends.

Like the waves crashing on the shore.

It’s not another that can hold us…

but ourselves who are the sand.

Like tiny grains of broken shells

we refuse to the hold the water

and instead it slips back

to the ocean

to the storm from whence it came

only longing to be loved

yet unwilling to be seen.

by the only one who matters

it’s ourselves we must learn to be.

to love

to welcome

and to cherish.

our own souls in need of caring

we foolishly turn away.

The pain it scares us,

we do not dare to swim

in the oceans of our sorrows,

the outcome seems too grim.

But truth comes in the deepness,

when we dare to delve right in

we find it was our own eyes we were longing

to be the ones looking in.

Our own ears to do the hearing,

of our cries of pain and sorrow.

The comfort we can bring ourselves,

is the healing of tomorrow.


Why do we refuse to give ourselves

the very things we are longing for?

Stop turning to another



they would fill the void.

For they can never feel the lonely pain inside,

it’s not theirs to enjoy.

It is our own,

we must embrace it.

Understanding comes from few,

unless they share the background stories

there’s nothing they can do.


It’s time for us to stop and listen

see the waves beating on the shore

the cycle is not meant to stop

and never to be ignored.

We can learn to sit with it,

feel the water rushing over

our feet, our souls,

as we embrace

the stories that make us whole.


The ocean is not broken,

the storms do not destroy it.

Destruction comes when we resist,

so let’s no longer fight it.

Perhaps it’s not longing after all,

only reaching to tell a story.

Of how our lives are beautiful

like waves crashing on the shore.

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